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Custom Mosaics

Custom mosaics can be created of any subject. To receive a price quote, please provide the following information:

Possibilities include: company logos, pets, animals, fruit, vegetables, landscapes and geometric designs.

Custom mosaic examples:

wit Custom Ferrari Scuderia - 22X24

wit Custom Schwinn Bicycle - 29X21

wit Custom Laferrari car - 22X24

wit Yorkshire Rose (tile mounted on mesh for floor inlay) - 24X24

wit Custom Logo - 29X21

Alfa 8C Thumbnail Custom Alfa 8C - 24X22

Custom Tbird Thumbnail Custom 56 T-Bird - 24X22

Custom Dylan Thumbnail Custom Bob Dylan - 24X22

Custom RR Thumbnail Custom Rolls Royce - 24X22

Watch Thumbnail Custom Logo - 39X14

Terrible Thumbnail Custom Glass Logo for Shower - 24X20

Hot Rod Thumbnail Custom Hot Rod Mosaic - 24X22

Ralley Thumbnail Custom California Classic Ralley Mosaic - 24X22

Chrysler TC Thumbnail Custom Chrysler Town & Country Mosaic - 24X22

Dodge Thumbnail Custom Dodge Table Top Mosaic - 30" Diameter

Pete Thumbnail Custom Boxster Mosaic - 24X22

Trout Thumbnail Custom Hot Rod Trout - 6 ft. tall

Juggler Thumbnail Custom Mosaic Juggler - 21X29

Bodycraft Thumbnail Custom Mosaic Sign - 26X49

Guitar Thumbnail Custom Mosaic Guitar - 21X29

Jet Thumbnail Custom Mosaic Jet - 15X32

HD Thumbnail Custom Mosaic Logo - 24X24

Jaguar Custom Thumbnail Custom Mosaic Table Top - 24X24

Lamborghini Custom Thumbnail Custom Mosaic Table Top - 30" diameter

ZR Thumbnail Custom Mosaic Logo - 30X30

AUTOputter - 3183 Rose Ave. - San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 - Phone 805-544-4093
E-mail: exoticmosaics@sbcglobal.net

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